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About Us

Emotional, Inclusive, Authentic 

We are Sarah and Chris, a married couple specializing in wedding photographyvideography, and portraits. We live in East Harlem, NY, with our 4 cats: Pip, Oliver, Izzy, and Harry.

What We Believe

Here's our manifesto on why photography is so important.  We love making beautiful images, but pretty is only a tiny part of why our job matters so much. If we’ve done our job right, our work will mean more and more to our clients the more time passes.

We chose to focus on emotion, authentic moments, and classic shooting and editing techniques because your photos need to stand the test of time.

The reason we do what we do is pretty simple:
Love is powerful, and life is short. 

We believe in wedding photography without prejudice.

Our job is to capture memories you can keep forever, not to judge you, your guests, or your wedding. Whoever you are, and however you chose to celebrate your love, it's enough. Actually, it's perfect. 

If you're having a traditional wedding, an offbeat wedding, an elopement, or something in between, we want to capture it for you.

We believe everyone has the right to tie the knot.

We believe in giving back.

For every booking, we donate 5% of our fee to Best Buddies, an organization that helps people with IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) secure rewarding jobs, live on their own, become inspirational leaders, and make lifelong friendships.

We also offer a discount to any one who works in public or civil service, as a way to say thank you to those who give back every day.

How We Work:

We understand why your wedding is a big deal.

(We got married two days after Hurricane Sandy, and had to re-plan the wedding in one day. We get it.) 

Couples trust us to capture day one of their marriage, so they can relive those moments when hundreds and hundreds of days have passed.  That's a responsibility we don't take lightly.

We'll capture you at your best.

Our work is a combination of commercial photography and photojournalism.  We are constantly looking for authentic emotion, candid moments, and evocative gesture. However, we aren't "fly on the wall" photojournalists. We will move things around, manipulate light, and give gentle direction if it means we'll get a better photograph.

We've got you covered.

We come from the advertising world, where deadlines are short, expectations are high, and you're forced to have backup plans to your backup plans. When it comes to your wedding, we don't leave anything to chance. We prepare in advance with detailed timelines and shot lists. We have backup cameras, lights, lenses, and file systems.

You can rest assured we've got everything visual under control, so you can focus on experiencing every moment as it happens.

We are giant nerds.

We love comic books, horror film, sci-fi, fantasy, and heavy metal, so if you're incorporating any of these elements into your wedding, we want to be involved.  

We'll go anywhere.

We live in New York City, but we are happy to travel anywhere to take photos. We offer a single flat rate for nationwide coverage, and a flat rate for international weddings.

If we sound like your kind of people, get in touch. We'd love to chat!

Sarah Hoppes and Chris Rizzo are married NYC Wedding Photographers

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